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 Q Moderator application.

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PostSubject: Q Moderator application.   Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:21 am

username: Q ----- Real name is Louis.

how long do u play a day: I play on average a total of 5-7 hours a day.

age: My age is 15 years old.

why do u deserver admin: I think i deserve mod because i am experienced and have learnt alot about the server in the recent days ive been playing this server. Ive played many servers and do know what to do when it comes to handling situations like abuse and scamming.
i could be very useful to JuvyScape because not only would you get a kind hard working focusing on the job at all times kind of man, your also getting a down to earth guy that can control and organize a situation.

What will u do if becoming Mod: Answer is above. ^^

Do you have any expiriance: i have been a moderator on a server called "AllicanceScape" it was a hamachi server which had around 15 members on it daily. I then got promoted to Admin because i was doing my job correctly and suffiecantly.
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Q Moderator application.
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