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 About what happened yesturday.

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PostSubject: About what happened yesturday.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:40 pm

As Everyone knows People kept calling me Gay or a Faggot or a Homo. Well i decide that is gonna stop from today. I got Very pissed off about what Niggs Inc said about me yesturday and i have barely forgiven him. I will be asking Juvy if i could have this rule set in place because i am tired of this disrespect to me and some other staff members. This is what im gonna be asking Juvy about today. and Those who say anything to deal with Gay or homo will probably be:
1. Warned
2. Jailed untill i think you've had enough
3. Muted if this continues.
4. Ip muted for a day
5. Banned if you have done this more than i thought u would have.
6. Ip Banned if you do this you probably have issues.

I will ask if these rules can be put in place. With juvy's permission. He knows how pissed off i was yesturday and I will Do my best to prevent this crap to happen to anyone else.



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PostSubject: Re: About what happened yesturday.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:03 pm

un-approved tak pics of them post them if they keep doing it after upost like 2 of htem then will talk
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About what happened yesturday.
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